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Below is an outline of the therapies that can be booked at the Centre.

Oxygen Therapy is probably the therapy that first attracted you to MS Action but there are a number of other therapies that we offer, to our Members, at the centre that you may also find beneficial.

There is a small, but dedicated, specialist Physiotherapy department at MS Action. We serve our members according to their individual needs to maximise benefit to their physical and psychological well-being. Our treatment regimes are tailored to each member and to achieve this, we discuss and agree on goals at first assessment. Individual one-to-one sessions are available and also group exercise sessions are run on all three physiotherapy days. Our physiotherapy room offers a wide range of versatile equipment for active clients and also for less active clients. We believe in a ‘hands-on’ approach to help and encourage our members to enjoy the sessions, as it is extremely beneficial for them to attend regularly. Most of our members attend weekly and some twice weekly and we can offer a streamlined Physiotherapy service, with no delay or waiting list. As well as the physical side of the physiotherapy sessions, they provide a great socialising opportunity among our members. Some even claim to have fun!

                  Other therapies that may be available at the Centre;

       These therapies are by appointment and provided space is available.

           Bowen Technique                                                   Reiki Healing

           Shiatsu                                                                    Acupuncture


           Podiatry                                                                   Yoga


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