MS Action a disability therapy centre, helping adults and children who have Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Brain Injury and other Neurological conditions. It provides complementary and mainstream therapies to it's members and; their carers.

Our Therapies & Other Services

Experience the transformative power of MS Action – Enriching lives, one therapy at a time.
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We provide personalised one-on-one physiotherapy and group exercise classes with qualified professionals. Our tailored programmes cater to diverse mobility levels, benefiting overall fitness, strength, balance, and mood. Your well-being journey starts here.


Oxygen Therapy

MS Action provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which enhances healing by increasing oxygen levels through simulated dives in a pressurised chamber. Multiple sessions are essential, with dedicated masks, hygiene protocols, and caregiver support.


Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy uses gentle rolling movements to activate the body's natural healing, providing pain relief, relaxation, improved circulation, and addressing musculoskeletal issues.



Yoga, an ancient Indian practice, fosters harmony in mind and body, offering flexibility, strength, and stress reduction. Our sessions suit groups or individuals and accommodate physical limitations for enhanced well-being.



Reiki, a Japanese healing technique, offers relaxation and stress reduction. The therapist channels universal energy to the recipient, promoting healing, balance, and emotional well-being. Common uses include relaxation, pain management, and emotional well-being.



Shiatsu, a Japanese massage therapy, utilizes pressure on meridian points using fingers, thumbs, palms, elbows, and knees to balance Qi energy and enhance overall well-being. It offers tension relief, stress reduction, improved circulation, and relaxation.



Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese practice, uses needles to balance energy flow, alleviate pain, and improve overall well-being. MS Action offers a weekly six-session course.



Our podiatrist addresses a wide range of foot issues. A regular visit to a podiatrist can contribute to maintaining mobility, relieving pain and preventing future foot problems.


Aiding Daily Living Classes

These group exercise classes are designed to help with carrying out day to day tasks and work on strength, stamina and balance.



Available for both men and women on request.

“Fabulous place, Fantastic staff”
Friendly staff and volunteers, laid back atmosphere with refreshments. Also has the only oxygen tank in the capital to help people with multiple scoliosis and cancer and many other types of ailments. Plus a competent  therapy team for anyone that would need helping.

Lee Robinson

“Therapy Centre that cares”
MS Action is a therapy Centre, primarily, for people with Multiple Sclerosis. Offering Oxygen Therapy and other supportive therapies for those with Neurological conditions.

K H 

Experience the transformative power of MS Action

Enriching lives, one therapy at a time. Join us on your journey to well-being!

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