MS Action a disability therapy centre, helping adults and children who have Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Brain Injury and other Neurological conditions. It provides complementary and mainstream therapies to it's members and; their carers.

Health and Safety Policy


MS Action - Complaints Policy & Procedures

Effective Date: 1st May 2024

MS Action is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, volunteers, visitors, and individuals using our services. This policy outlines our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of health and safety within our organisation and sets out the measures we will take to reduce the risk of accidents, injuries, and work-related illnesses.


Committee/Trustee Responsibilities:
Members of the Committees/Trustees are responsible for:

Ensuring that up to date and relevant health and safety policies are in place and are being complied with  
Regularly reviewing and updating health and safety policies and procedures (no less frequently than annually)

Ensuring compliance with relevant health and safety legislation and regulations

Providing leadership and direction for health and safety matters

Establishing and maintaining a positive health and safety culture within the organisation

Allocating adequate resources to implement and maintain effective health and safety practices

Training individuals to oversee specific health and safety duties

Employee and Volunteer Responsibilities:
Employees are responsible for: 

Complying with health and safety policies, procedures, and instruction

Taking reasonable care of their health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their actions

Reporting any hazardous conditions, accidents, near misses, or incidents to their supervisor or designated health and safety representative

Participate in training programmes and following safe work practices and procedures

Cooperating with management in the implementation of health and safety initiatives

Risk Assessment

MS Charity Action is committed to conducting regular (no less often than annually) risk assessments to identify hazards, evaluate risks, and implement appropriate control measures. Risk assessments will be reviewed and updated whenever there are changes in the workplace or working practices.

Incident Reporting and Investigation

All incidents, accidents, near misses, or work-related illnesses must be reported to management or the Committee/Board of Trustees immediately. MS Action will investigate all reported incidents to identify the root causes and take corrective actions to prevent recurrence.

Training and Communication

MS Action will provide appropriate health and safety training to employees, volunteers, and individuals working on behalf of the organisation. Training will be tailored to the specific needs of each role and will cover topics such as hazard identification, safe work practices, emergency procedures, and the proper use of equipment.

Regular communication channels, such as staff meetings, newsletters, and notice boards, will be used to disseminate health and safety information and updates. 

Emergency Preparedness

MS Action will develop and maintain emergency response plans to address potential emergencies, including medical emergencies, and fire and evacuation procedures. 

Safety Inspections and Monitoring

Regular safety inspections will be conducted to identify potential hazards, assess compliance with health and safety regulations, and ensure the effectiveness of control measures. Identified issues will be addressed promptly, and corrective actions will be implemented.

Contractor and Visitor Safety

MS Action will establish procedures to assess the health and safety competence of contractors and ensure they comply with relevant health and safety regulations. Visitors to MS Charity UK premises will be made aware of any relevant safety requirements and will be supervised to ensure their safety.


This health and safety policy will be reviewed annually or whenever there are significant changes in legislation, work practices, or organisational requirements. Amendments will be communicated to all relevant parties.

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