MS Action a disability therapy centre, helping adults and children who have Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Brain Injury and other Neurological conditions. It provides complementary and mainstream therapies to it's members and; their carers.

Oxygen Therapy

MS Action provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which enhances healing by increasing oxygen levels through simulated dives in a pressurised chamber. Multiple sessions are essential, with dedicated masks, hygiene protocols, and caregiver support.

Oxygen Therapy

The Power of Oxygen Therapy

MS Action operates dives at a variety of depths every day that the centre is open. Also known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurised chamber thus increasing oxygen levels within the body. Simulating a dive, HBOT delivers oxygen at a higher pressure than we experience at sea level. The pressure within the chamber allows your lungs to absorb more oxygen which Is carried by your blood to tissues and organs throughout your body. The increased oxygen pressure promotes healing and tissue repair. It also enhances the body’s ability to fight infections. Depending upon the condition that you have, protocols for the ‘dives’ vary. However, and in order to reap the benefits of this therapy, you will need to be able to dedicate time to having 15-20 sessions over four week period, thereafter having ‘top up’ sessions. For hygiene purposes, every user has their own mask which is purchased from MS Action. ‘Dives’ last (approximately) between just over an hour and an hour and three quarters, depending on the depth. The chamber holds up to six people and is cleaned between each session. Carers are allowed in the chamber. Each session is closely monitored by a trained operator.

Enhanced Oxygen

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy increases oxygen levels in the body, promoting healing and tissue repair.

Accelerated Recovery

It speeds up recovery from injuries and surgeries, reducing downtime and discomfort.

Infection Control

Hyperbaric therapy combats infections by enhancing the body's ability to fight harmful bacteria.

Improved Cognitive Function

It can boost cognitive function and alertness, particularly in neurological conditions.

Tissue Regeneration

The therapy aids in regenerating damaged tissues, benefiting various medical conditions.

Comprehensive Healing

Hyperbaric therapy offers a holistic approach to well-being, addressing both physical and mental health concerns.

Oxygen Therapy

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