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Your Privacy Notice

What you need to know about new data protection rules under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) – from 25/05/2018

Please read carefully and ask at Reception if you have any questions.


Under the new data protection rules, we need to tell you about what data/information we keep on you and your rights about this data.

We keep the details you provide on the MS Action application form for our membership records, on the basis of your consent. Application forms are kept in a locked filing cabinet during your membership and for one year following the expiry of your membership. All records will then be destroyed.

Your health data is used to check that you qualify for membership under our health criteria. We need your consent to hold this special data which you give by signing below and on our application form.

We give your name to any therapists you make an appointment to see at the Centre. We need your express consent to allow the therapists to keep any additional data about your health that you provide as part of your therapy. Therapists maintain their own records and we require that it is kept for a maximum of one year after your membership of MS Action has expired. You can withdraw your consent and ask for your records to be destroyed at any time.

Where a child under the age of 18 uses one of the therapies at the Centre, we require the authorisation and consent of the holder of parental responsibility for the child. (Please see the parental consent form if applicable.)


We currently use a manual record of your name, phone numbers + any email address so that we can contact you quickly about therapy bookings. These records are destroyed a year after your membership ends. A membership book recording your name and when you paid your membership fees is held at reception and kept in accordance with current legislation.

Payment day sheets and therapy appointment sheets are used to reconcile what you pay/owe. This information is logged into a password protected and virus protected office computer. These records are archived in accordance with current legislation.

CCTV is used in the Centre and overwritten on a 30-day cycle.

We will try to keep the data up to date annually at renewal but please tell us immediately if your name, address, phone or email contact changes.

Anonymised data might be used to help us get funding.

As well as knowing what data we keep on you, where we keep it and why, you can check it and correct errors or (if you don’t want to remain a member) have the data destroyed.  You can ask for your data to be sent to other MS National Therapy Centres.

You have the right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner if you feel that we have misused your data in any way.

Please also read the Gift Aid page on our Application Form and Renewal form and choose whether to consent to our sending the Gift Aid details to HMRC to claim the tax relief on the money you give us.

A copy of this notice is on our website and pinned to the Centre’s notice board.     

May 2018 update


The name of the company is; MS Action Limited
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MS Action Limited

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