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An Important Notice;

If you are considering 'Joining Us' please be aware that

due to limited capacity at this moment and calls on our

finite resources applications may take a little longer

than we would like. Also, please note that if you do not

have a medical condition that meets our strict criteria

you may not be put forward to join us.


With this in mind and to save you from disappointment,

if you do email for an application, you must include

a brief description of your medical condition so that

it will be possible to carry out a preliminary

assessment from the moment your request arrives.


To continue to apply, please read on;



MS Action Limited is a Registered Charity set up to help people with Multiple Sclerosis and certain other medical conditions. Please read the paragraphs below on how to apply to join us.

Applications to join us at MS Action Limited may be offered use of its facilities provided they are able to pass our assessment requirements and criteria.

We will look at your unique situation, as you have presented it in your initial email and then in your completed application form.

You will then be assessed and only then can a decision be made if it is felt the therapies, we have to offer, could be of potential benefit for you. You may be then offered the chance to join us.

To apply to join us you first need to send an email to;

In the subject line please type; 'Application' and in the message section please give your name and a brief description of your condition.

We will immediately be aware of what you require and be able to email your Application Form, which an openable, editable and printable .pdf file.


If you prefer to complete the form using your computer you will find the instructions in the email, that will accompany the Application Form, useful.

Once you have the Application Form you can;


1. Open it on your computer and fill in your sections, print the form off and then get your Doctor to complete their section on Page 2 or


2. Print the form off and complete all the sections by hand and then get your Doctor to complete their section on Page 2.


Remember; We require you to complete the Application Form using only capital letters. It makes assessing your application so much easier thereby speeding up the whole process which is good for you.



Please note that all of the sections MUST be completed or we cannot assess your application and it will slow your application down.

So what are you waiting for? Send that email and let's get started.

Thank you and see you soon.

We are located at:

MS Action Limited

Unit 17 Waltham Park Way,

Billet Road,


London E17 5DU

Contact us today!

If you have any queries or wish to speak to someone, please contact us:

(+44) 020 8531 9216

or email

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